• Open Limiter Arm
  • Open Limiter Arm
  • Open Limiter Arm
  • Open Limiter Arm
  • Open Limiter Arm
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  • 500000/month
Window Stay Restrictor Window Stay Arm HDS For Top-hunge Window and Curtain Wall.

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Warranty10 Years
Country of OriginFoshan,China
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The opening limiter arm is a device that is installed on a window frame to limit the degree to which the window can be opened. This is done to prevent the window from opening too far, which can be a safety hazard or cause damage to the window or surrounding area.

The damping effect is a mechanism that slows down the opening and closing of the window. This is usually achieved through the use of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders that are integrated into the opening limiter arm. The cylinders act as a buffer, absorbing the energy of the opening or closing window and preventing it from slamming shut or opening too quickly.

The combined use of the opening limiter arm and the damping effect provides several benefits. Firstly, it ensures that the window is opened to a safe and controlled degree, preventing accidents or damage. Secondly, it allows for smooth and quiet operation of the window, making it more comfortable to use. Finally, it can help to reduce energy costs by preventing drafts and improving insulation.

window arm to damping effect

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