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Aluminium Profile Corner Connector Die Cast Window Accessories. Hinged Window Aluminum Corner Joint for windows and doors. Used to connect two sides of aluminium window frame, which made it strong connected and fixed. To some extent, corner joint for window is also widely used in aluminium curtain wall project, which to fixed the decorative material like, glass or stones....

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Made from high quality aluminum, these corner brackets are durable and solid.

Widely used to reinforce right angle of aluminum doors, windows, furniture, etc.

Convenient to fasten with stainless steel bolts and nuts.


Material: Alloy Aluminum

Weight: 53.7g / piece

Package list:

300 pcs in a carton 



Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

40.3*13.7*54.2 mm

The window corner joint plays a critical role in providing structural support to the window frame, ensuring that it remains stable and secure. A well-made corner joint will prevent the window frame from sagging or warping over time, which can cause problems with opening and closing the window or even lead to cracks in the glass.

There are several different types of window corner joints, including miter joints, lap joints, and butt joints. Miter joints are the most common, and they are created by cutting two pieces of wood at a 45-degree angle and joining them at the corner. Lap joints involve overlapping two pieces of wood, while butt joints involve simply butting two pieces of wood together and fastening them with nails or screws.

In summary, a window corner joint is a crucial element of a well-made window frame, and its quality and durability depend on the type of joint used and the materials and techniques employed.

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