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Vertical Door Lock
  • UHIT
  • Foshan
  • 2-3 Weeks
  • 100000/Month

The horizontal style of mortice lock is different to the more modern vertical mortice lock. The horizontal mortice locks have the key hole and handle side by side along the mortice lock as opposed to the modern vertical mortice lock where the keyhole and handle are in line above and below one another.

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    A double points door lock with a vertical mortise deadbolt is a type of lock that is commonly used for securing entry doors in commercial and residential buildings .

    Many older properties built in the early 20th Century were built with the doors installed with the horizontal style of mortice locks as the more common type of handle used was the knob style. The reason they installed the horizontal locks over the vertical mortice locks is the spindle follower for the handles is taken further away from the edge of the door so that you can turn the knobs wi

thout catching your knuckles on the door frame .

    Due to the popularity of this style of horizontal mortice lock back in the day there were lots of different variations created over the years with different shapes and sizes .   The main differences were the distance of the backset to the keyhole and the backset to the spindle follower

MaterialCopper,stainless steel, iron
Country of OriginFoshan,China

double points mortise door lock

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