• Sliding Center Lock Handle
  • Sliding Center Lock Handle
  • Sliding Center Lock Handle
  • Sliding Center Lock Handle
  • Sliding Center Lock Handle
Sliding Center Lock Handle
  • UHIT
  • Foshan
  • 2-3 Weeks
  • 100000/Month

Safety Lock with button for window and sliding door. Push button is used for structural glazing, curtain wall and sliding window. Push button is available in white and black powder coating.

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Front Zip with security button. Put your security doors and sliding windows with central lock with security button. Piece Black color aluminum that is placed in the center where the two sliding leaves that are locked by pressing on the button and closing more safely. 

  • Usage/Application: Door & Window Lock

  • Warranty: 20 Years

  • After-Sale Service: Online technical Support

  • Design Style: Traditional

  • Country of Origin: Foshan, China

  • Brand: UHIT

  • Material: Aluminum、Zinc Alloy

  • Colour: Black、Customized

A sliding window handle center lock with button is a type of hardware that is designed to operate a sliding window and lock it securely in place. The handle is typically made from high-quality materials, such as metal or plastic, and is mounted on the sliding panel of the window.

The sliding window handle center lock with button typically features a central locking mechanism that engages with the window frame to lock the window in place. It may also include a button that, when pressed, releases the locking mechanism, allowing the user to easily slide the window open or closed.

The handle may be designed with an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in the user's hand, making it easy to operate the window with one hand. It may also be finished with a range of colors or textures to match the style of the window and the surrounding decor.

Overall, the sliding window handle center lock with button is an essential component that enables the user to easily and securely operate a sliding window. It provides a reliable and easy-to-use locking mechanism that enhances the security of the window, while also contributing to the overall appearance and functionality of the window.

sliding handle with center lock

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