• Pair of Door Handles
  • Pair of Door Handles
  • Pair of Door Handles
Pair of Door Handles
  • UHIT
  • Foshan
  • 2-3 Weeks
  • 500000/month

The handle has been manufactured to an extremely high standard offering outstanding product performance.

About Us Products

  • Brand : UHIT

  • Warranty : 20 Years

  • Colour : Black 、Customized

  • Material : Aluminum Alloy

  1.Best Corrosive Resistance

  2.Long life and high quality

  3.24*7 Online After-Sales Support

A handle for a swinging door is a device attached to a door that allows a person to grip and pull or push the door to open or close it. It typically consists of a metal or plastic component that is mounted on the door and has a curved or straight shape for easy grasping. The handle may have a variety of designs and finishes to match the style of the door or the surrounding decor. Overall, the handle for a swinging door is an essential functional and aesthetic component of the door that facilitates easy and convenient access.

A handle for a swinging door is an important part of any door that needs to be opened and closed frequently, as it provides a comfortable and secure grip for the user. Depending on the type of door and the environment it is used in, the handle may need to be durable, weather-resistant, or able to withstand heavy use.

handle for swinging door

Where is your factory located?How can I visit there?
The address of our factory is NO 6, SHIZAIGANG, JULONG INDUSTRIAL ZONE, EAST TAOYUAN ROAD, YANFENG, SHISHAN, NANHAI, FOSHAN, GUANGDONG.Could tell us in advance so we can arrange pick you up from hotel or airport....more
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