Old Carton Packing



  •                                  Previously used packaging

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                         Now Used For Carton Packing


      The new packaging logo is more eye-catching , and the material of the carton has been upgraded,The new carton packing is thicker and more reliable,Reduce the crease after a long time.There is a certain amount of splash protection.The U mark logo on the package has been trademarked.The parameters on the packaging are also more detailed and comprehensive.The new carton's shake lid is resistant to folding and anti-puncture strength has also been improved. Besides, We guarantee the quality of our products for 20 years.We will check the packaging and product quality before delivery. If there is any damage or defect, we will change the packaging or product before delivery.

      We have been improving the packaging,Improve the quality of carton raw materials and Simplicity of appearance,Please check our logo and carton packaging when buying and Please rest assured to buy, we will also have quality assurance,Thank you for your trust in us, we will continue to improve and progress.

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